Our Impact

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Our Impact

→ Conservation and Development

Impact: Preserved, developed, and safeguarded 25,680 hectares of grazing land across 321 Sirohi district villages.

Key Contributors: Grazing Committee, women representatives, and the Grazing Committee.

→ Forest Rights

Achievements: Granted 2000 individual forest rights (IFRs) and 17 community forest rights (CFRs) certificates and claimed 750 IFRs and 145 CFRs in Sirohi district.

Land Area: Secured rights to around 15,000 acres of land.

→ Membership and Strengthening

Goal: Enhance active engagement and strengthen Bhakhar Bhitrot Adivasi Vikas Manch (BBAVM).

Progress: Membership currently stands at 1700, with efforts to further expand.

→ Education Initiatives

Impact: Connected approximately 3019 dropout girls through Sakhiyon Ki Badi centers in Abu Road block, Sirohi district.

Enrolled 1427 girls back into government schools in 2022.

Child-friendly rooms set up in Sirohi district and Abu Road police stations.

→ Impact on Women's Capacity-Building

Self-Governance to Good Governance: 435 trained

Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP): 350 trained

Forest Rights Act: 256 trained

Tribal Leaders: 375 trained

→ Strengthening Elected Women Representatives

Equipped approximately 300 women, including Abu Road and Pindwara, with Jan Soochna and Jan Sampark Portals, and knowledge of effective Panchayati Raj roles and processes.

→ Addressing Exploitative Loans

Recovered ornaments worth Rs. 16,50,000, helping tribal people burdened by high-interest pawned loans on jewelry.

→ Enhancing Employment Opportunities

2500 families received new job cards under MNREGA during 2022-23.

→ Settling Laborers' Dues

1000 laborers' pending payments cleared in MNREGA during 2022-23.

→ Supporting Vulnerable Individuals

560 individuals supported in obtaining pensions for old age, disability, and widowhood during 2022-23.

→ Caring for the Young

300+ children provided with caregivers (Palanhaar) during 2022-23.

→ Community-Led Waste Management

240 committees got approval in the village assembly for waste management during 2022-23.

→ Impact of Advocacy

Organizing Tendu Leaves Collectors: In 1992, our efforts to improve wages by organizing workers to pause collection until better pay was secured led to an annual increase in prices.

Promoting the Tribal Tendu Leaves Collectors' Cooperative Society: Establishing a registered Cooperative Society for tendu leaves sales had a positive impact on the tribal community.

Advocating for Social Security: The Birth of the 'Pension Law' Advocacy for social security played a pivotal role in shaping the creation of the 'Pension Law.'

Enabling Workers: The Birth of MNREGA through Kaam Ka Adhikar Struggle The relentless Kaam Ka Adhikar struggle bore fruit with the establishment of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA).

Preserving Identity and Culture: Unveiling the 'Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojana' Dedicated efforts towards preserving identity and culture culminated in the initiation of the 'Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojana' scheme.

Championing Land and Forest Rights: The Triumph of the Forest Rights Act Our unwavering endeavors paved the way for the enactment of the Forest Rights Act.