Changes We Bring

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Changes We Bring
  • Suchana Evam Rozgar Adhikar Abhiyan, Rajasthan: Jan Chetna has been involved with SR Abhiyan since its inception, actively working in Sirohi to enhance implementation of NREGA. Special attention is given to the ten rights under NREGA to ensure comprehensive benefits for laborers in the region. Collaborative efforts with local administration strive to ensure that all laborers receive fair wages and that the rural development projects under NREGA are executed effectively.

  • Mahila Kisan Adhikaar Manch (MAKAAM): The establishment of the women farmers' rights platform has paved the way for addressing the issues faced by women farmers throughout India. Through active engagement and dialogue with state and central governments, the platform is advocating for the effective implementation of the FRA, particularly emphasizing the fair application of laws regarding personal forest land rights for women, especially those living in tribal regions where women are predominantly dependent on forest resources for their livelihood. The program initiated by Jan Chetna in 2015-16, along with the Housing Network and district-level efforts, has been actively addressing women's issues at district, state, and national levels. The program aims to foster women's leadership and promote awareness about various government schemes in village meetings, facilitating the participation of women in gram panchayat development planning to conserve and enhance local resources for sustainable livelihoods.

  • Jan Jal Jangal Zameen Andolan: In South Rajasthan, those who had rightful claims to forest land for centuries were denied their rights, leading to exploitative conditions enforced by the forest department. To secure their rights and ensure fair implementation of the Forest Rights Act, this movement organized people from tribal areas across various districts of South Rajasthan. A national movement was created, demanding forest land rights. In 2006, the FRA was passed in Parliament. Subsequently, this campaign continues to work toward effective implementation of the law, with active involvement in South Rajasthan.

  • Right to Food Campaign: Collaborating with the state-level Food Security Forum, various issues related to food security in Sirohi district have been addressed. The campaign has tackled challenges related to ration distribution, ensuring food security, incorporating diverse food items into the ration, and ensuring that no deprived, impoverished, or differently-abled individuals go hungry. The campaign also focuses on supplementary nutrition at Anganwadi centers, identifying and providing timely treatment to malnourished children, and ensuring nutritious mid-day meals for schoolchildren. The right to food is intertwined with people's right to livelihood. Jan Chetna, over the last 25 years, has actively contributed to the implementation of government-initiated social security schemes such as ration, pension, mid-day meals, ICDS, etc. Collaborative community efforts promote awareness and ensure the fulfillment of people's entitlements. Active community participation in Gram Sabhas discussing these issues, along with regular monitoring and awareness through social training, contributes to efficient implementation and enhancement of the right to food security. This ensures that communities actively safeguard their resources and strengthen their livelihoods.

  • National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI)

  • Credibility Alliance

  • Campaign for Survival and Dignity

  • Campaign Against Female Foeticide

  • Samarthak Samiti (Support Group for Tendu Leaf Cooperatives in South Rajasthan)

  • Rozi-Roti Adhikar Abhiyan

These campaigns serve as testimonials to the commitment of Jan Chetna towards sustainable development and social justice, ensuring that marginalized communities have their rights recognized, upheld, and enhanced at every level.