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Changes We Bring


Changes We Bring

Working with the Next Generation: Jan Chetna takes initiatives to sensitize children from an early age. We conduct student mobilization programs to educate them about Tribal Self-Rule and Panchayati Raj Extension for Schedule Areas (PESA) Act. We motivate them to visit activity centers (libraries) in their respective villages and educate them on the historical struggles and fights of tribal leadership for their rights.

Working with the Young Generation: Jan Chetna recognizes the importance of empowering local youth in rural areas to take an active role in developing their community. We are aware of a growing disillusionment among young people with the rural way of life, as they are being influenced by urban and western cultures. Additionally, the rural education system fails to incorporate practical learning opportunities and does not highlight the link between education and rural development. These factors have encouraged youth to migrate to cities in search of employment and a different lifestyle. To address this issue, Jan Chetna has initiated a youth empowerment and cadre-building program that emphasizes community participation, primarily for students and local youth. Youth groups hold regular meetings, organize relevant activities, and create forums to share experiences, formulate ideas, and develop transferable life skills. The program focuses on building community pride and a sense of responsibility among the rural youth. This program has been organized in three clusters where youth act as cadres to spread and promote the concept of PESA act, mobilize tribals to attend Gaon Sabhas, and build community awareness. We also emphasize the significance of maintaining tribal traditions and customs, which are important for preserving tribal identity. Finally, we discuss NREGA and the RTI, and encourage youth to discuss these issues with their fellow villagers to enhance collective understanding. Jan Chetna plans to continue and expand this program by leveraging youth to create more community-based initiatives.

Village Activity Centers: Our vision behind these centers is to establish a lifelong bond between children and books. Providing access to books enables children to learn new things and enhances their knowledge, thereby making them more inquisitive about their surroundings and the developments therein. Currently, these libraries are operational in 15 villages. They have been a vital support system for the dropout children, enabling them to continue learning and improving their reading and writing skills. We have added games material to the libraries to increase motivation to visit them. We now call them Village Activity Centers.

Our Impact

  • 2000

    Individual Forest Rights granted

  • ₹16,50,000

    worth ornaments recovered

  • 1427

    girls enrolled in government school

  • 25,680

    hectare grazing land developed

  • 17

    Community Forest Rights granted

  • 300+

    children provided with caregivers